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Flame Retardancy

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Flame Retardancy PC (Halogen PC Non Halogen PC)

Hi-Performance PC sheet, which has Non-Flamability by controlling combustion such as heating, disassemble in physical & chemical way during burning process of plastic films There is Halogen series flame-retardants in it. As a result, it contains VTM-0 grade from ULand free from environmental contamination.

Certification Status

Halogen PC Certification Status

Halogen PC Certification Status
Testing &Certification clause agency Certificate No. Test results
(RoHS) SGS F69051/LFCTSAYAA10-39899 Not Detected
UL94 Vertical Burning Test KCL,koptri,KTR CT10-56837 V-0
UL94 Report UL Korea Certification Application in progress
Q Mark (polycarbonate sheet) KTR QA-2238-00 Specify the Quality Assurance

PC sheet (Non Halogen PC)

Non Halogen PC test result

PC sheet (Non Halogen PC)
Color Thickness Flame Class HWI RTI Elec RTI lmp RTI Str
All 1.5 V-2 3 80 80 80
All 2.0 V-0 80 80 80
All 3.0 V-0 2 80 80 80