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Plastar PET Sheet Application

  • Advertising : Point-of-sale, Display, Sign
  • Industry : machine covers, vending machine, bus stand, boxes
  • Others : light cover
    • One of the characteristics of the modern architecture is the elegant exterior view, according with the sunray. There have been many restrictions with designing and constructing because of weak glasses, and expensive Polycarbonates. The PLASTAR, contented the defects of glass and acrylics, and it will give you the most satisfaction on both designing and constructing
    • APET Sheet
    • The PLASTAR is the product that is approved by FDA (Food and Drug administration) and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) about the safety and it has upgraded lid sealing system and molding process ability, and has better optical specificity, moisture and gasbarrier and toughness than PVC or any other products.Especially, by blocking the UV rays, it prevents vitamin destruction, discoloration, and deterioration, so it is favored from food container industry also.
    • APET Sheet2
    • It has good transparency and chemical resistibility, so it is sufficient to be used as ad-signs, and it is easily process able like, low heat molding, heat bending, cutting and making holes, and especially cold-resistibility is great and it can keep the intensity under a cold climate, and the shape doesn't change easily and the wear-resistibility is greater than any other materials, so it is economically efficient.
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    • It is not toxic, so it is safe to body, and it well blocks light and scent. It has good transparency and get easily put together, and it can be sterilized by Ethylene Oxide, Gamma ray, or Electron Beam, so it is the best material to be used as medical products, containers, or device storage.
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    • The PLASTAR has good transparency, easy process ability, chemical resistibility, and printability, so it can be widely applied from packing to various other industry usages
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Regular product packing, Vacuum packing, Writing materials or toy manufacturing and packing, Machine cover (oil stain can be removed easily), Electronic device case, Fold-up box, Various display stands, Helmet, etc