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PETG sheet

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What is the PLASTAR ?

PLASTAR is the registered brand of TAE KWANG NEW TEC. CO., LTD. It is amorphous thermoplastic polyester, which has an excellent intensity even though it is lighter than glass or acrylic sheet. It is easily moldable, so it will help you newly creating the impossible to possible. This sheet, which is based on the thermoplastic polyester, is made with a high-tec material, which has better physical property than any glass or acrylic sheets.


  • Impact strength
    Much stronger than many other plastics particularly at the low temperature of -40 degree
  • Bendable
    Can be bent without heating and in case of heat bending for heavy gauge sheets, it will be bent faster by 2 times than acrylic without whitening.
  • Transparency and polishing
    High transparency can be heat-polished showing superior appearance.
  • Fabrication
    Can be drilled, polished, sawn and cut more easily than other products.
  • No pre-drying
    While thermoformed there is reduced energy codtd compared to other competing products.
  • Excellent air cut-off and radiation-resistant material
    Excellent air cut-off for air or gas odour, radiation-resistant material and can be sterilized by gamma rays, ethylene oxide and electronic rays.
  • Environment Preservation
    Completely combustible with no toxic gas.
  • U.V protection
    Protects package contents from ultraviolet light.

Plastar PET Sheet Information


Item Thickness Width Length
PLASTAR100 (APET)PLASTAR200 (GAG)PLASTAR300 (PETG) 0.5~3.0mm 915~1,220mm Minimum 700mm
  • Specs and colors are amendable on request.
  • We can meet your requires regarding the Length as you want.
  • PE masking film protects both sides of the sheet surface