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Acleader (PMMA)

Brand name of Hi-performance PMMA sheet produced by TAEKWANG NEW TEC. CO., LTD.

  • Transparency
    Acrylic sheet has colorlessness and transparency Acrylic sheet with good polimerization is excellent in transparency by seeing through more than 2M
  • Lightness
    Specific gravity of acrylic sheet is 1.19 half value of tempered glass. But,Its toughness is equivalent to temperes glass and strength is excellent
  • Plasticity
    Acrylic sheet is made of thermoplastic resin, which is suitble for plasticity without discoloration
  • Easy Process
    Acrylic sheet is good for cutting, punching, slicing and grinding.And, it is used for adhesion, painting, printing, dying and metalizing.
  • Non-Toxic
    Acrylic resin is used for false teeth, filling material for dental treatment, artificial eyes and bones due to its non-toxic for human-beings and animals.
  • Weatheriaztion
    One of the most important properties of acrylic sheet is resistant to outdoor surroundings.In spite of exposure to outdoor, there is little change in its shaping, physical & mechanical properties

Main Application

  • Advertising material
    Displays, Outdoor Sign panels, Indoor, Sign panels, interior props
  • Industry
    experiment equipment for chemical, furnitures, photo frames, Machine Cover, Vending Machine, storage box of spareparts
  • Others
    Light Cover