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Since Taekwang New Tec was established in 1974, we have been striving on research & development to create our own technology. We developed various special additives to produce the most agricultural wide film in Korea. By supplying the highest quality state-of-the-art high performance agricultural TAJO film, we are leading the agricultural film industry, and as well as promoting increase in income for the farmers, establishing a foundation for the farming industry to advance in state-of-the-art technology.

In the industrial SHEET sector, based on the accumulated technology from development and production of the agricultural PE film, succeeded in making eco-friendly, newest plastic material PET into SHEET (PLASTAR) for the first time in Korea. Also, we engineer thermoplastic, polycarbonate into SHEET (PLAGLAS). We have the best competitiveness and quality not only domestically but also in the world, leading change and innovation in the industrial SHEET business.

Taekwang New Tec Co., Ltd
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Jin-Moon Shin