Product features

  • Mechanical features
    Superior impact resistance

  • Functional features
    Excellent printability, excellent chemical resistance

  • Optical features
    Excellent light transmittance, superb surface gloss

  • Eco-friendly features
    Does not include harmful material

  • Economic features
    Easy fabrication (Excellent thermoforming)

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Properties of PETG

Properties Test method Unit Value Unit Value
Specific gravity ASTM D792 - 1.27 - 1.27
Refractive index ASTM D542 % 0.1 % 0.1
Total light
ASTM D1003 % 88.9 % 88.9
Haze ASTM D1003 % 0.9 % 0.9
Tensile strength Elongation rate ASTM D638 Psi 7832 Mpa 54
Elongation rate ASTM D638 % 29 % 29
Curve Strength ASTM D790 Psi 11269 Mpa 77.7
Curve Elasticity ASTM D790 Psi 310381 Mpa 2140
Izod impact strength (Notched) ASTM D256 ft-lb/in 12.0(P) J/m 642.3(P)
Rockwell hardness ASTM D785 R Scale 122 R Scale 122
Load Deformation temperature ASTM D525 156 69
Vicat softening temperature test ASTM D 525 185 85
  • The above data is representative value only, not to be used for warranty or claim.


Product features

  • Transparency (gloss surface))
    Transparent film has high transparency to give good flatness and glossiness.

  • Electrical resistance
    Used typically as insulation material for electrical parts (connector and adapter etc.) as it has good electric insulation; it also has excellent moisture/water resistance.

  • Tensile strength
    One of The best tensile strength & Elongation among the plastic films is PET film – Has few size change in the temperature range 70℃~150℃.

  • Chemical resistant
    Show stability against most of the chemical agents except strong alkaline agents, chemicals do not get infiltrated.

  • Impact resistant
    Does not break compared to glass and acrylic sheets, so it can be down gauged;
    remains strong in low temperature under –40℃, can be used in wide ranges from buildings to electronics.

  • Flexibility (Bending)
    Can be bended without heat; when bending on the back layer with heat, can be bended without chalking two times faster than acrylic bending.

  • Formability
    Plasticizer or stabilizer is not required when producing, safe and no harm to the human body.


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