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Company introduction


The films for greenhouses in the agricultural and industrial sector were made of polyethylene material simply.

But we add high performance like adjusting the transmittance ratio, and relieving
problems (water drops and fog) occurred in the greenhouse due to rain, moisture
and external environment. We are producing the film that can last 2 to 5 years
compared to previous products lasting only 1 year.

PC sheet is the strongest product among the thermoplastic sheet. PET sheet has elasticity,
light weight and good processable sterilization, which is widely useful in building and
industry. Its demand is increasing due to coronavirus pandemic.

achieved these.

Since Taekwang New Tec was established in 1974, we thrived to provide a better quality product by continuing R&D and investing in the latest facility to give the customers reliability and convenience for construction. We achieved many product technology certifications and patents not only domestically but from overseas.

We will continue our best to take responsibility as a leading company in the domestic plastic industry for the last half of the century, and to provide highest quality products and service. We are providing products that can attribute to improvement as a nation and to well-being of the people around the world for the present and the future.